Select Committee on European Union Seventh Report


Sub-Committee D
(Environment, Agriculture, Public Health and Consumer Protection)

Members of the Sub-Committee

    Lord Christopher
    Lord Judd
    Lord Lewis of Newnham
    Lord Mackie of Benshie
    Baroness Miller of Chilthorne Domer
    Lord Palmer
    The Earl of Selborne (Chairman)
    Baroness Thornton
    Baroness Wilcox
    Lord Willoughby de Broke
    Baroness Young of Old Scone

The Specialist Adviser was Professor W Philip T James CBE MD FRSE

Members of the Sub-Committee declared the following interests in relation to this inquiry:

The Earl of Selborne
Fellow of the Institute of Biology
Fellow of the Linnean Society
Fellow of the Royal Society
Vice President, Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers
Vice President, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

Lord Christopher
Vice-President, Oxted and Edenbridge Agricultural Society
Ordinary Member, National Trust
Ordinary Member, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

Lord Judd
A Vice-President, Council for National Parks
Member of the North West Regional Committee of the National Trust
Ordinary membership or support of: Council for the Protection of Rural England, Friends of the Lake District, North Cumbrian Club, Friends of the Earth, Socialist Environment and Resources Association, Labour Party Rural Revival

Lord Lewis of Newnham
Vice-President, National Society for Clean Air and Environmental Protection
Chairman, Environmental Services Association Research Trust
President, Environmental Industries Commission
Hon Fellow, Institution of Water and Environmental Management

Lord Mackie
Member Scottish National Farmers Union, Past-President, and currently Vice-President, Royal Highland Agricultural Society

Baroness Miller of Chilthorne Domer
County Councillor (Somerset)

Lord Palmer
Farmer; earlier career in wholesale grocery trade (Huntley & Palmers Ltd).

Baroness Thornton
Ordinary member, Friends of the Earth
Ordinary member RSPB
Consultant to Co-operative Wholesale Society
Recently media consultant to British Retail Consortium

Baroness Wilcox
Chairman, All-party Parliamentary Group on Consumer Affairs and Trading Standards
President, National Federation of Consumer Groups
Non-executive Director, Cadbury Schweppes plc
Board member, Institute for Food Research
Chairman, Padstow Lobster Hatchery

Lord Willoughby de Broke
Arable and grassland farmer
Chairman, St Martin's Magazines, publishers of Country Illustrated
Member, National Farmers' Union of England and Wales

Baroness Young of Old Scone
Chairman, English Nature
Member Henry Doubleday Research Association
Vice President, RSPB
Vice President, Plantlife
Ordinary member Friends of the Earth,
Ordinary member Greenpeace
Member, UK Round Table on Sustainable Development
Trustee, Forum for the Future

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