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Select Committee on European Communities Tenth Report


Sub-Committee A (Economic and Financial Affairs, Trade and External Relations)

The members of the Sub-Committee which conducted this inquiry were:

      Lord Armstrong of Ilminster (from 17 February 2000)
      Baroness Crawley
      Lord Grenfell (from 9 May 2000)
      Lord Hussey of North Bradley
      Lord Lamont of Lerwick
      Lord Lea of Crondall
      Lord Randall of St Budeaux
      Lord Renton of Mount Harry
      Lord Sharman
      Baroness Sharp of Guildford
      Lord Shaw of Northstead
      Lord Tomlinson (Chairman)

Declared interests:

Lord Armstrong of Ilminster  Non-Executive Chairman, 3i Bioscience Investment Trust plc

Lord Grenfell    Council of Worldaware (development NGO)

Lord Lamont of Lerwick:  Chairman, Archipelago Fund

        Chairman, East European Fund

        Chairman, Indonesia Fund

        Director, Jupiter European Investment Trust

(All of the above investment funds are managed by Jupiter Asset Management)

Director, Balli plc

Director, Compagnie Internationale de Participations Bancaires et Financieres

        Consultant, Fintrade

Lord Renton of Mount Harry:  Chairman, Sussex Downs Conservation Board

        Chairman, Fleming Continental European Trust plc

        Vice-chairman, British Council (unpaid)

        International consultant, ESL and Network (UK) Ltd (European corporate and public affairs company)

        Member, Know-How Fund Advisory Board (unpaid)

Lord Sharman:  Chairman and Shareholder, Aegis plc

        Non-Executive Director and Shareholder, AEA Technology plc

        Non-Executive Director: Youngs Brewery plc

        Paid Advisor to KPMG

        Treasurer and Board Member: Britain in Europe

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