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European Union - Eleventh Report

Here you can browse the report together with the Proceedings of the Committee. The published report was ordered by the House of Lords to be printed 18 July 2000.



Appendix 1-Minutes of Proceedings on the Report

Appendix 2-Membership of the Select Committee

Appendix 3-List of witnesses

Appendix 4-Previously Published Documents Considered by the Committee

Appendix 5-Other issues examined by the Conference

NOTE: Pages of the Report are numbered in bold type, pages of evidence are numbered in ordinary type. References in the text of the Report are as follows:

    (Q)  refers to a question in oral evidence.
    (p)  refers to a page of written evidence.

Graham Mather, President, European Policy Forum
Written evidence
Oral evidence, 23 February 2000

Mr Nigel Sheinwald, Director, EU Command and Mr Mark Lyall Grant, Head of European Union Department (Internal), Foreign and
Oral evidence, 7 March 2000

The Rt Hon The Lord Brittan of Spennithorne QC
Oral evidence, 28 March 2000

Professor Helen Wallace CMG, Sussex European Institute
Written evidence
Supplementary evidence
Oral evidence, 11 April 2000

HE Senhor José Gregório Faria, Portuguese Ambassador and Mr Gorge da Fonseca, Counsellor, Portuguese Embassy
Oral evidence, 9 May 2000

HE Monsieur Daniel Bernard CMG, CBE, French Ambassador, and HE Dr Hans-Friedrich von Ploetz, German Ambassador
Written evidence
Oral evidence, 15 May 2000

Commissioner Michel Barnier, Mr Ronnie Hall and Mr Mark Gray, European Commission
Oral evidence, 18 May 2000

Mr Elmar Brok, MEP
Oral evidence, 23 May 2000

Mr Andrew Duff, MEP
Written evidence
Oral evidence, 23 May 2000
Supplementary written evidence

HE Monsieur Pierre Vimont, Permanent Representative of France to the European Union
Oral evidence, 23 May 2000

Mr Michel Petite, Chief de Cabinet of Commissioner President Prodi, European Commission
Oral evidence, 23 May 2000

Sir Stephen Wall, United Kingdom Permanent Representative to the European Union, and Mr Alex Ellis, Adviser
Oral evidence, 23 May 2000

Mr Giorgos Dimitrakopoulos, MEP and Ms Marina Bampaliari
Oral evidence, 24 May 2000

Mr Christopher Beazley, MEP
Oral evidence, 24 May 2000

Mr Dimitrios Tsatsos, MEP, and Ms Odilia Henriques, Assistant
Oral evidence, 24 May 2000

Mr Giorgio Napolitano, MEP
Oral evidence, 24 May 2000

Mr Simon Murphy, MEP
Oral evidence, 24 May 2000

HE Mr Gábor Szentiványi, Hungarian Ambassador to London
Written evidence
Oral evidence, 6 June 2000

Mr Keith Vaz, MP, Minister for Europe and Mr Angus Lapsley, Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Oral evidence, 27 June 2000

Written evidence

    Mr Richard Corbett, MEP
    Dr Andrew Jordan
    European Environment Bureau
    The United Kingdom European Movement
    European Parliament Resolution on the IGC

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