Select Committee on European Union Eleventh Report



Tuesday 18 July 2000


Viscount Bledisloe Lord Jopling
Lord BorrieLord Lamont of Lerwick
Lord Brooke of Alverthorpe Baroness Stern
Viscount Brookeborough Lord Tomlinson
Baroness CrawleyLord Tordoff (Chairman)
Lord GoodhartLord Wallace of Saltaire
Lord GrenfellLord Williams of Elvel

The Committee considered the draft Report.

Paragraphs 1-72 were agreed to, with amendments.

It was moved by the Lord Lamont of Lerwick to leave out paragraphs 72-74 (now 73-75) and to insert the following new paragraph.

    "The development of a multi-dimensional" Europe could potentially be very much to Britain's advantage, and also end the long running friction between Britain and the rest of the EU. A "multi-dimensional" Europe is already in part a reality. If Germany and France, or Britain does not see any need for integration then that is a matter for them. As long as the single market is not affected we have no right to obstruct them. A dogmatic insistence that everyone moves together at the same speed usually ends up with Britain half accepting measures for which it has no great enthusiasm.

The Committee divided:

Lord Lamont of LerwickLord Borrie
Lord Brooke of Alverthorpe
Baroness Crawley
Lord Goodhart
Lord Grenfell
Baroness Stern
Lord Wallace of Saltaire
Lord Williams of Elvel
Lord Tordoff (Chairman)

The amendment was disagreed to accordingly.

Paragraphs 76-99 were agreed to, with amendments.

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