Select Committee on European Union Eleventh Report


Other issues examined by the Conference

The PPR states that:

The Conference considered other issues corresponding to general or specific concerns expressed by the Member States and the institutions and bodies of the Union (see below). It is generally agreed that at this stage of the discussions there are neither objective reasons nor sufficient support to justify the inclusion of these issues in the Conference agenda, even if, if some cases, their importance in further institutional discussions after the present IGC is acknowledged.

  • Simplification of the Treaties

  • Allocation of powers between the Union/Community and the Member States

  • Endowing the Union with legal personality

  •           Accession of the Union or of the Community to the Council of Europe's European Convention on Human Rights

  •           Creation of a legal basis establishing a European prosecutor responsible for the investigation and prosecution of fraud offences at Community level

  •           Provisions to intensify the fight against fraud and protection of the Community's financial interests

  • The question of the expiry of the ECSC Treaty in 2002

  •           Development of certain Community policies more directly connected to European citizens' interests

  • The general problem of the hierarchy of norms

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