Select Committee on European Union Thirteenth Report


18 JULY 2000

By the Select Committee appointed to consider European Union documents and other matters relating to the European Union.



1. The Government has undertaken to respond, in writing, to the Reports of the Select Committee within two months of publication. For some years now, it has been our practice to publish the responses received from the Government and any correspondence arising in the regular volumes of Correspondence with Ministers.

2. We have now decided to publish the responses to Reports as a separate volume. This will make them easier to find, and will also reduce the bulk of the Reports on Correspondence with Ministers, which have become much larger in recent years.

3. Accordingly, this Report makes available responses to the Reports by the Select Committee from the 9th Report in Session 1998-1999 to the 6th Report in the 1999-2000 Session. The only exceptions to this are the following:

SessionNumber of Report TitleHL Paper Number
1998-199914th Evidence by the Minister of State, FCO, on the Cologne European Council 83
1998-199917th Correspondence with Ministers 94
1999-20001st Electricity from Renewables: further documents 18
1999-20002nd Correspondence with Ministers 21
1999-20003rd Evidence by the Minister of State, FCO, on the Helsinki European Council 22

These are formal Reports, not requiring a response.

4. The Response to the two Reports on Biodiversity in the European Union [1] has been published separately as a Command Paper[2]. This is not reprinted here.

5. The Government Response to the 12th Report, Session 1998-1999 Electricity from Renewables was published in the 1st Report, Session 1999-2000, Electricity from Renewables; further documents[3].

6. This Report is made to the House for information.

1   Biodiversity in the European Union Interim Report: UK Measures (18th Report, HL Paper 100, Session 1998-1999). Biodiversity in the European Union: International Issues (22nd Report, HL Paper 119, Session 1998-1999) Back

2   Cm 4712 Back

3   1st Report, HL Paper 18, Session 1999-2000 Back

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