Select Committee on European Union Thirteenth Report


Letter from Lord Tordoff, Chairman of the Committee to The Rt Hon Michael Meacher MP, Minister for the Environment, Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions

  The Select Committee has now approved for printing the report on Sub-Committee C's enquiry into the Commission's proposals on incineration of waste.

  It will be a week or two before the Report can be published, but in view of the fact that there is a meeting of the Environmental Council next week, and that the Committee is generally in accord with the Government in supporting the tighter emission standards proposed, we are lifting the scrutiny reserve on the proposals (EM 12791/98 of 30 November 1998 and SEM of 9 April).

  I enclose a copy of the typescript text of the Report, so that you can take its conclusions into account at the Council meeting.

  You will note, notwithstanding the lifting of the scrutiny reserve, the Report is being submitted to the House for debate. This is because the Opinion ranges beyond mere technical standards, but raises a number of wider policy issues, such as the place of incineration in sustainable waste management, the development of a UK-wide strategy in the context of devolution, and the competence of the statutory agencies to address the health implications of proposals for new incineration capacity.

  We therefore look forward to receiving your Department's response to the Report, and to debating it, in due course.

  I am copying this letter to the Chairman and Clerk of the European Scrutiny Committee in the House of Commons.

15 June 2000

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