Select Committee on European Union Minutes of Evidence

Supplementary memorandum by David Casey

  The source for secure server numbers, as an indicator of electronic commerce penetration, was the OECD, taken from their website, URL:

This page is also attached in its html form.

  It is worth a look as it also contains other charts which indicate the differences of e-commerce penetration across Europe and the world.

  In reference to the relative level of international business-to-business markets online, it is generally thought that the United States accounts for around four-fifths of electronic commerce revenues, and the same proportion roughly applies to B2B.

  Jupiter Communications projected on 26 June that the US B2B market would amount to $6 trillion by 2005.

  Forrester Research projected on 6 June that European B2B would be worth about

900 billion, by 2005 also.

  All this information is taken from the Internet, and so is subject to the accuracy of the hosts.

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