Select Committee on European Union Minutes of Evidence


Organisation ThemeKey issues Key contacts/
lead author(s)
DemosSurfing alone?
E-commerce and social capital
—  Potential of e-commerce to enhance/erode social capital

—  Role of e-commerce networks in creating new forms of knowledge distribution

—  Links between technological innovation and evolving social relationships
Benn Jupp
Matthew Horn
Green AllianceGreening the knowledge economy —  "Big picture" analysis of the environmental and social opportunities associated with the knowledge economy

—  Discussion of policy changes needed to promote a more sustainable knowledge economy
Charles Leadbeater
Rebecca Willis
Forum for the FutureSustainable
—  Links between e-commerce and corporate social/environmental responsibility

—  Opportunities for eco-efficiency, dematerialisation and product-to-service shift

—  E-commerce, sustainability and intangible assets (brand, reputation etc)

—  Electronic consumers, labelling and integrated product policy
James Wilsdon
Jonathon Porritt
Local Futures GroupE-regions —  The role of e-commerce in regional and local economic development strategies (RDAs, LAs etc)

—  Implications for local and regional governance structures and processes

—  Social and economic geography of the knowledge economy

—  Effects of e-commerce on innovation networks, SMEs and enterprise clusters
Ian Christie
Mark Hepworth
New Economics FoundationAccess, participation and social inclusion —  Improving access—closing the "digital divide"

—  Guaranteed Electronic Markets to strengthen local economies and local currencies

—  Safeguarding local money flows

—  Developing the concept of the "learning city", to strengthen and enhance local knowledge and intellectual capital flows
Alex MacGillivray
David Boyle
Bernie Ward
Science Policy Research UnitE-topia: scenarios for
e-commerce and sustainability
—  Development of a set of e-commerce scenarios for 2020

—  Inventory of potential social and environmental impacts under these scenarios

—  Calculation of key indicators for each scenario: energy use, CO2 emissions, materials throughput, pollution, employment, social exclusion, land use etc
Frans Berkhout
Malcolm Eames
Gordon MacKerron
Richard Hawkins
Town and Country Planning AssociationPlanning in the digital economy —  E-commerce and the future of planning

—  Relationship between the physical and virtual environments

—  Impacts of e-commerce on the high street and out-of-town retail developments

—  Implications for UK planning policy (and links to Urban & Rural White Papers)
Mark Daniels
Simon Marvin
Andy Gillespie
University of Bradford
Transport and distribution —  Assessment of impacts on transport and distribution efficiency

—  Analysis of likely changes in transport modes, eg increased use of smaller goods vehicles, air freight

—  Exploration of alternative distribution methods for e-commerce goods and services

—  Implications for integrated transport policy
Prof. Peter James

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