Select Committee on European Union Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 660 - 662)




  660. Finally, on the eEurope paper you urge the addition of an eleventh section on employment. What is your overall view of the eEurope document? On the issue of employment opportunities there seems to be positive research being done on the jobs that will be created. We hear about the jobs coming along but we do not see much work being done on the numbers that are going to disappear. I was wondering if you could suggest to us where we might get the best sort of statistics on that?
  (Mr Young) Our basic response to the eEurope policy is we think it is a good policy and commendable. If we have a doubt, it is they have to make sure it actually happens. Talk is cheap in this area. Ensuring that all of the nation states are making real progress, that concerns us. They should be ensuring that every nation state has a coherent strategy so, if you like, the sum of the European parts will be greater than the whole. Where to go? One area where we know they have done some work, I would not necessarily say it is definitive, was in the European Commission, a group called Joint Telecoms, a working group where they did a study on employment, both jobs that were lost and potential for job creation.

  661. We may look into that. We are going to Brussels in due course.
  (Mr Young) There have been some studies.

  662. That is fine. That has been very helpful, indeed. You brought some new points to us. Thank you very much.
  (Mr Young) We welcome the opportunity.

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