Select Committee on European Union Minutes of Evidence


  Sub-Committee B of the House of Lords Select Committee on the European Union is undertaking an inquiry into the development and co-ordination of policy in the European Union as it relates to e-commerce. In particular the inquiry will focus on the six questions outlined in the Call for Evidence which is attached.

  Two groups will work together on the project. The remit is as follows.


  1.  Review the evidence, both oral and written, and background documents.

  2.  Construct a Repertory Grid[1].

  3.  Summarise the main points of the evidence.


  1.  Carry out secondary research into business-to-business e-commerce, using whatever source material is appropriate.

  2.  Provide data on the amount of business-to-business e-commerce currently taking place, splitting the data geographically—at least into the EU, the UK and the USA.

  3.  Suggest what the enablers and inhibitors of business-to-business e-commerce are.

  4.  Summarise published forecasts on the future growth of business-to-business e-commerce.

  5.  Suggest implications for government and EU policy.

  6.  Offer oral evidence to the Committee on topics 1-5 above on or around 24 May.


  1.  Carry out secondary research into the e-commerce policies different EU governments are following.

  2.  Summarise, compare and contrast these policies.

  3.  Suggest what implications there might be for EU policy.

  4.  Offer oral evidence to the Committee on the above topics on or around 24 May.

1   The Repertory Grid has not been printed here. Back

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