Select Committee on European Union Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witness (Questions 1112 - 1119)




  1112. It is very good of you to give us time in what we know is a very busy life.
  (Ms Houtman) Particularly now because I am to cover some of M. Petite's portfolio. It is mind boggling.

  1113. We have to get on a coach at ten minutes to one.

  A. Okay. So we will be efficient?

  1114. Yes. Did we manage to get the questions to you?

  A. I got some questions. They were an indication?

  1115. Yes, just an indication.

  A. I am not sure I have the answers to anything.

  1116. It is just to give you a bit of a feel for what is occupying our minds. Our remit on this exercise has been to try and have a look at the ways in which the Commission particularly is formulating policy on e-commerce. How does it emerge then? How does it co-ordinate or not as the case may be? We have had some very interesting sessions.

  A. Some good examples of co-ordination. Here is a field where we do co-ordinate.

  1117. We have had interesting examples of innovative approaches to try to bring different issues together and present some seamless policies. It is a problem which all States are grappling with, how do you break down the silos and get co-operation across the different agencies and departments. The same problems have been even larger here. The e-Europe Action Plan, this has come together from I think 11 different Commissioners contributions. It appears to have been given quite a good wind at Lisbon.

  A. Not in Lisbon because in Lisbon what we submitted was only the initiative. The Action Plan is what we have just got.

  1118. It is coming in now.

  A. The Action Plan is what the Commission is taking to Feira. They are slightly different things.

  1119. The Lisbon outcome, there was quite a feeling of optimism that the document had been well received.

  A. Yes.

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