Select Committee on European Union Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witness (Questions 1197 - 1199)




  1197. Thank you for coming. What a fascinating name and a different accent.
  (Mr Bergevin) Yes. As you can probably hear it is South London actually. My grandfather was French and emigrated to London. He was one of the first Europeans! They were chefs actually. In those days you used to make very good money in the London hotels, the beginning of the century.

Lord Paul

  1198. They still do.

  A. I cannot cook for my life.


  1199. Do you want to say a few words first of all?

  A. Just to explain, so that you know, I work in the Internal Market Directorate-General and more specifically in the unit which is entitled Media, Commercial Communications which is our wording for advertising and unfair competition. Probably of greatest interest to you is the fact that unit was responsible for the drafting of the so-called E-Commerce Directive that, as you know, has been recently adopted by the European Parliament. So that is the state where I am. I have looked at your questions. First of all, I would like to apologise on behalf of my director and head of unit. My director is currently in COREPER talking about issues such as copyright, which I notice is an issue of interest to you. My head of unit is actually in Paris with my Commissioner regarding a certain French law on advertising, which I am quite happy to go into detail on but maybe not for the record. All of your questions are covered by the work of the Directorate-General where I work. Some of the ones on financial services I am afraid I will have to give you the stock line as I know it from the background that I have taken. As regards e-commerce and also what we know the French Presidency, or we suspect the French Presidency to be looking for, I shall do my best on that.

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