Select Committee on European Union Fourteenth Report


Call for Evidence

The following Call for Evidence was issued in January 2000, with a request for material to be submitted by the end of February 2000.

Sub-Committee B of the House of Lords Select Committee on the European Union is undertaking an inquiry into the development and co-ordination of policy in the European Union as it relates to e-commerce.

Evidence is invited on what, within EU policies, the European Commission, national governments and their agencies are doing to develop and co-ordinate policy on e-commerce, and what they should or should not be doing to achieve this objective.

    In particular, the inquiry will be seeking answers to the following questions:

    1) What needs to be done to create confidence and to stimulate e­commerce?

    2) Does the European Commission's draft Action Plan eEurope: An Information Society for All offer a realistic means of promoting e-commerce in the EU?

    3) Will codes of conduct and co-regulation provide sufficient protection? Is there a case for intervention by national governments and the EU?

    4) Do the institutions of national governments, on the one hand, and the European Commission, the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament, on the other, function with sufficient flexibility and coherence to promote the EU's objectives in the field of e-commerce?

    5) Should existing EU institutions' internal structures be changed, or new ones created, to improve policy development and co-ordination?

    6) How can structural change be brought about fast enough to accommodate to the growth of e-commerce?

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