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eCity Project Fact Sheet

  eCity Technology (eCT), is the product of a collaboration of European and American business groups that have combined their talents to produce a complete integrated approach to bringing whole communities onto the Internet. eCT intends to become the market leader in delivering complete Internet environments for towns, cities, and regions, meeting the needs of the citizens, merchants, and Government agencies. Whilst many other locations and organisations have achieved portions of this goal, no company, other than eCT, has been able to offer a unified systematic approach to guide communities in fully exploiting the potential of this medium in the form of eCT's rapid implementation application eCityPlanTM. The eCityPlanTM product, which engages the Government resources in the role of enabling and directing the city management team, leads to the creation of a more equally accessible Internet community while providing the Government with revenue streams and cost savings initiatives to motivate their involvement. This is a crucial strategy since history has shown that while most wired cities have started with the promise of helping small businesses and low income or disadvantaged citizens, the results have been just the opposite. In reality larger businesses and more affluent citizens have been able to leverage their greater resources to dominate the Web and there has been no scheme to identify the revenue needed to facilitate access by all levels of society.

  eCity Technology's initial eCity project will be implemented in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. The use of eCityPlanTM in Derry has already garnered the approval of the community leaders who have reviewed the project plans. Specifically, "eCity Project-Derry" has received the endorsement of the Derry City Council, the Derry Investment Initiative, and the Londonderry Chamber of Commerce. More significantly, John Hume MP, MEP, and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate has lauded it as an important step in establishing Derry and the Northwest frontier of Ireland as a centre of excellence for e-commerce and building a community environment conducive to bringing a lasting peace to the region. The plan has also received the support of British Telecom who have agreed to provide the necessary high-speed communications. Magee Campus of Ulster University has agreed to provide educational resources to the business and civilian members of the community to help them become acquainted with the new environment. Other locations in the UK and in other parts of the world have already expressed interest in similar projects in their cities.

  eCT's project team stands ready to help any city transition quickly and efficiently to an electronic environment, through our proven technical expertise, our project planning methodology, and our skilled management team.

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