Select Committee on Procedure of the House Fourth Report


Extract from the Minutes of Proceedings of the Committee

Thursday business

  The Committee deliberated on a memorandum by the Government Chief Whip proposing changes to the times of sitting on Thursday. After debate, it was moved by the Lord Carter that the Committee should recommend to the House that on Thursday business should start at 11.30am and conclude not later than 7.30pm; which being objected to, the question was put thereupon and the Committee divided:



L. Burlison
L. Carter
L. Clarke of Hampstead
B. Gould of Potternewton
L. Irvine of Lairg (L.Chancellor)
B. Jay of Paddington (L. Privy Seal)
B. Lockwood
L. Shepherd
L. Strabolgi

V. Allenby of Megiddo
B. Anelay of St Johns
V. Bledisloe
L. Craig of Radley
L. Denham
E. Ferrers
L. Harris of Greenwich
L. Henley
L. Kimball
L. Mackay of Ardbrecknish
L. Mancroft
L. Rodgers of Quarry Bank
L. Skelmersdale
L. Strathclyde

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