Select Committee on Science and Technology Fifth Report


Sub-Committee II

The Members of the Sub-Committee which conducted this Inquiry were:

    Lord Flowers
    Lord Jenkin of Roding
    Lord Lewis of Newnham (co-opted on 20 April 2000)
    Lord McColl of Dulwich
    Lord Methuen
    Lord Oxburgh
    Lord Patel
    Baroness Platt of Writtle
    Lord Wade of Chorlton
    Baroness Warwick of Undercliffe
    Baroness Wilcox (Chairman)
    Lord Winston

Declaration of interest

Lord Jenkin of Roding declared an interest as an unpaid consultant to the Thames Estuary Airport Company Limited.

Specialist Adviser

The Sub-Committee appointed as its Specialist Adviser Dr D Michael Davies, OBE.

Dr Davies has long experience of occupational and environmental medicine. He began his career as a serving officer in Royal Navy submarines, amongst other things investigating and advising on atmosphere and environmental control. After that, he worked in occupational and environmental health with British Petroleum International, becoming Group Head of both the Medical Services and Environmental Services Departments. He then moved to British Airways as Director of Health Services with responsibility for all activities associated with the health care of crews and passengers. Since retiring from that position in 1996, he has been an independent international consultant on medico-legal matters. In addition to his medical qualifications, Dr Davies has two research doctorates in closed environment medical matters. He has published widely on health issues in the transport and oil industries, and on atmosphere and environmental control.

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