Select Committee on Science and Technology Sixth Report


Sub-Committee 1

The members of the Sub-Committee which conducted this Inquiry were:

    Earl Baldwin of Bewdley (co-opted)
    Lord Colwyn (co-opted)
    Lord Haskel
    Lord Howie of Troon
    Lord Perry of Walton
    Lord Quirk
    Lord Rea
    Lord Smith of Clifton (co-opted)
    Lord Soulsby of Swaffham Prior (co-opted)
    Lord Tombs
    Lord Walton of Detchant (Chairman)

The Sub-Committee had as its specialist advisers Professor Stephen Holgate, Clinical Professor of Immunopharmacology, University of Southampton, and Mr Simon Mills, Director of the Centre for Complementary Health Studies, University of Exeter.

Members declared the following interests in relation to this Inquiry:

Earl Baldwin of Bewdley— Joint Chairman of the Parliamentary Group on Alternative and Complementary Medicine; patron of the Natural Medicines Society; patron of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers.
Lord Colwyn—President of the Parliamentary Group on Alternative and Complementary Medicine; President, Natural Medicines Society; President, Arterial Health Foundation; patron of the Research Council for Complementary Medicine; patron of the Blackie Foundation; patron of the Foundation for Traditional Chinese Medicines; patron of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers; Council Member of the Medical Protection Society; Chairman, Dental Protection Ltd; member of the Royal Society of Medicine.
Lord Rea —Former NHS general practitioner; former lecturer in Social (Public Health) Medicine at St Thomas's Hospital Medical School; Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine (former President of Section of General Practice); Hon. Secretary of National Heart Forum (former Vice-Chairman); Chairman of All-Party Parliamentary Food and Health Forum; Treasurer of All-Party Parliamentary Group on Drug Abuse; Trustee of Action Research; Medicinal Cannabis Foundation; Patron of Connect Foundation for Mental Health; Vice-Patron of Child Psychotherapy Trust, MIND.
Lord Soulsby of Swaffham Prior— President, Royal Society of Medicine (until 18 July 2000); member of a committee which advises the British Veterinary Association on, among other things, alternative medicines and practices.
Lord Tombs—Chairman, Goldsmiths Education Committee, which sponsors courses for A-level science teachers, including a course on complementary and alternative medicine.
Lord Walton of Detchant— Former Professor of Neurology and Dean of Medicine, University of Newcastle upon Tyne; former Warden, Green College, University of Oxford; former President, British Medical Association, Royal Society of Medicine, General Medical Council, Association of British Neurologists and World Federation of Neurology; occasional neuroscience adviser to a pharmaceutical company; patron, Action for Disability, International Spinal Research Trust, National Head Injuries Association (Headway), North Northumberland Day Hospice, Oxford International Biomedical Centre, 'Puff-In' Appeal (cystic fibrosis), Radcliffe Medical Foundation; Vice-Patron, Brendoncare Foundation; President, Hampra, Neurosciences Research Foundation; Vice-President, Epilepsy Research Foundation, Guideposts Trust; Life President, Muscular Dystrophy Group of Great Britain and Northern Ireland; member of the King's Fund Working Party on Osteopathy and Chiropractic.
Lord Winston—Practising medical academic, occasionally using complementary techniques — particularly acupuncture — for patients. Currently conducting a trial of the effect of trace elements on human fertility and miscarriage.

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