Select Committee on Science and Technology Third Report



The following witnesses gave evidence. Those marked * gave oral evidence.

Academy of Medical Sciences
Dr Eric Albone, Clifton Scientific Trust
Association for Women in Science and Engineering
Association of Medical Research Charities
Association of Researchers in Medicine and Science
*Athena Project
*Sir David Attenborough CH FRS
Professor Janet Bainbridge, University of Teesside
Dr Martin Bauer, London School of Economics
Better Regulation Task Force
Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council
British Association for the Advancement of Science
*British Council
British Library
British Nuclear Fuels plc
British Psychological Society
Café Scientifique
Cambridge University Press
Confederation of British Industry
*Channel 4
Church of England Board for Social Responsibility
Professor Peter Cochrane
*Mr Steve Connor, Science Editor, The Independent
*Consumers' Association
Council of Science and Technology Institutes, Health Care Scientific Advisory Committee
Department for Culture, Media and Sport
Professor Sir Graeme Davies, University of Glasgow
Economic and Social Research Council
Department for Education and Employment
Engineering Council
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Environment Agency
Environment Council
Dr David Falvey
Howie Firth
Friends of the Earth
Professor Steve Fuller, University of Durham
Glaxo Wellcome
*Hansard Society
*Mr Peter Healey, Science Policy Support Group
Ros Herman, Birkbeck College, London
Dr Roger Highfield, Science Editor, Daily Telegraph
Professor Julian Hunt CB FRS, University of Cambridge
Institute for Animal Health
Institute of Biology et al
Institute of Food Research
Institute of Physics
Institute of Science in Society
Institution of Professionals, Managers and Specialists
*Professor Alan Irwin, Brunel University
John Innes Centre
Lord and Lady Kennet
*Professor Sir Harold Kroto FRS, University of Sussex
Professor Jack Levy OBE FREng
Medical Research Council
*Dr David Miller, University of Stirling
Dr Steve Miller, University College London
*National Consumer Council
National Office of Animal Health
National Radiological Protection Board
Natural Environment Research Council
*Natural History Museum
Novartis UK Ltd
Nuffield Foundation
Dr Paul Nurse FRS
*Office of Science and Technology
Dr Jonathan Osborne, King's College London
Dr Paula Owen
Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council
Professor Vernon Pickles
*Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST)
Press Complaints Commission
*Mr Tim Radford, Science Editor, The Guardian
Sir Martin Rees, University of Cambridge
*Miss Jacquie Reilly, University of Glasgow
Research Defence Society
Dr Tony Rice
*River Path Associates
Royal Academy of Engineering
Royal Astronomical Society
Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
*Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution
Royal Society
*Royal Society of Chemistry
Royal Society of Edinburgh
Satrosphere Interactive Science Centre, Aberdeen
Save British Science Society
*Science Museum
Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine Public Relations Association
Science, Technology and Mathematics Council
Scientists for Global Responsibility
Scientists for Labour
Scottish Science Trust and Scottish Science Centres Consortium
SmithKline Beecham
Teacher Scientist Network
Dr John Tooze FRS
*Dr Jon Turney, University College London
UK Life Sciences Committee
University College London
University of Ulster and Queen's University Belfast
Professor Sir David Weatherall FRS, University of Oxford
*Wellcome Trust
Professor Sir Arnold Wolfendale FRS

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