Select Committee on Science and Technology First Report



    Lord Birdwood†
    Baroness Hogg (Chairman)
    Lord Marlesford*
    Lord Middleton*†
    Lord Nathan†
    Lord Porter of Luddenham
    Lord Rea
    Earl of Selborne*
    Lord Soulsby of Swaffham Prior
    Lord Walton of Detchant
    Lord Williamson of Horton*

* co-opted member
† ceased to be a member of the House on 11 November 1999 in accordance with the House of Lords Act 1999.

In accordance with the Rules of the House, members declared the following interests:

Baroness Hogg

Chairman (until May 1999) of London Economics, which is a consultancy that has clients in both the pharmaceuticals and energy sectors.

Lord Marlesford

A farmer, President of the Suffolk Preservation Society and previous Chairman of the Council for the Protection of Rural England.

Lord Middleton

Director of a farming company, one of the activities of which is the production of crops for non-food uses.

Lord Nathan

Chairman of the Environment Advisory Panel of the National Grid Company plc.

Lord Porter of Luddenham

Two related interests. Chairman of the Centre for Photo-molecular Sciences at Imperial College which is concerned with photo-synthesis. Also President of the National Energy Foundation with particular interest in energy crops.

Earl of Selborne

A Director of a farming company. Trustee of John Innes Foundation and member of the John Innes Council. Trustee of the Lawes Agricultural Trust. President of the Institute of Agricultural Management. Chairman of the Agricultural Mortgage Corporation plc. Previously Chairman of the Agricultural and Food Research Council.

Lord Walton of Detchant

A peripheral interest as an occasional neuroscience adviser to a pharmaceutical company.

Lord Williamson of Horton

Previously Deputy Director General for Agriculture in the European Commission and various posts in MAFF. Non-Executive Director, Whitbread plc.

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