Select Committee on Science and Technology First Report



    ABI (Austrian Biofuels Limited)
    *ACTIN (Alternative Crops Technology Interaction Network)
    *ADAS Consulting Limited
    ARBRE Energy Limited
    BABFO (British Association for Bio Fuels and Oils)
    BASF plc
    *BBSRC (Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council)
    BICAL (Biomass Industrial Crops Limited)
    *Body Shop International plc
    Dr Steve Bowra
    *British Biogen
    British Embassy, Washington DC
    *British Sugar plc
    British Sugar Technical Centre
    *Dr Peter Carruthers
    Chung-Wai Chiu
    CIA (Chemical Industries Association)
    *Department of Agriculture, Northern Ireland
    *Du Pont (UK) Limited - Cereals Innovation Centre
    ETSU (part of AEA Technology Environment)
    European Commission (Directorate General XII)
    Goreham & Bateson (Agriculture) Limited
    Professor F D Gunstone
    *Hemcore Limited
    Horticulture Research International
    IACR (Institute of Arable Crops Research)
    *John Innes Centre
    *MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food)
    MAFF (Agricultural Departments & Forestry Commission)
    Professor J S Marsh
    Mobil Oil Company Limited
    NERC (National Environment Research Council)
    NFU (National Farmers' Union of England and Wales)
    *Dr Jane Powell
    *Robin Appel Limited
    Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
    Royal Society
    Royal Society of Edinburgh
    SCRI (Scottish Crop Research Institute)
    *Scottish Office
    *Shell International Renewables
    *Silsoe Research Institute
    UKELA (United Kingdom Environment Law Association)
    University of Bath
    University of Reading
    *Dr Kerr Walker


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