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At two o’clock

Consideration of the reports from the Appellate Committees in the causes:

Regina v. Secretary of State for the Home Department (Respondent) ex parte Hindley (A.P.) (Appellant)

Hurst (Appellant) v. Bryk and others (Respondents)

Regina v. Antoine (Appellant) (On Appeal from the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division))

Consideration of the reports from the Appeal Committees:

Appeal Committee—The Lord Browne-Wilkinson to move, That the 37th Report from the Appeal Committee (HL Paper 49) be agreed to.

Appeal Committee—The Lord Steyn to move, That the 30th Report from the Appeal Committee (HL Paper 40) be agreed to.

At ten o’clock


In Committee Room No. 1

Further hearing in the cause:

Arthur J S Hall & Co (Appellants) v. Simons (A.P.) (Respondent)

Barratt (Respondent) v. Ansell and others (trading as Woolf Seddon (a firm)) (Appellants)

Harris (Respondent) v. Scholfield Roberts and Hill (Appellants)

(Conjoined Appeals)

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Prepared: 30 march 2000