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Expenses of Secretary of State.     40. There shall be paid out of money provided by Parliament any increase attributable to this Act in the sums so payable under any other enactment.
Minor amendments and repeals.     41. - (1) Schedule 7 makes minor and consequential amendments.
      (2) Unless made with the agreement of the National Assembly for Wales, regulations made under the power to make regulations conferred as a result of paragraph 15(3) and (5) of that Schedule do not apply to Wales.
      (3) If, as a result of any other amendment made by Part I of that Schedule, a power to make regulations is conferred, that power is exercisable so far as it relates to Wales by the National Assembly for Wales.
      (4) But each of the powers conferred as a result of subsection (3)-
    (a) is to be treated as if it had been transferred to the National Assembly for Wales by an Order in Council under section 22 of the Government of Wales Act 1998; and
    (b) that transfer may be revoked by an Order in Council under that section.
      (5) For the purposes of section 22 of the Government of Wales Act 1998, an Order in Council made as a result of subsection (4)(b) is to be treated as if it were revoking a previous Order in Council.
      (6) The repeals set out in Schedule 8 have effect.
Short title, interpretation, commencement and extent.     42. - (1) This Act may be cited as the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001.
      (2) In this Act-
    "the 1995 Act" means the Disability Discrimination Act 1995; and
    "the 1996 Act" means the Education Act 1996.
      (3) The following sections of this Act come into force on the day on which it is passed-
    (a) section 4,
    (b) section 5,
    (c) section 9,
    (d) section 41(2) to (4), and
    (e) paragraphs 6 to 12, 15(1) to (4) and 16 of Schedule 7,
       but only so far as is necessary for enabling the making of any regulations for which they provide.
      (4) Nothing in subsection (3) affects the operation of section 13 of the Interpretation Act 1978 in relation to this Act.
      (5) The other provisions of this Act (apart from this section) come into force on such day as the Secretary of State may appoint by order made by statutory instrument.
      (6) Different days may be appointed for different provisions and for different purposes.
      (7) An order under subsection (5) may contain incidental, supplemental, consequential or transitional provisions and savings.
      (8) Amendments made by this Act to the 1996 Act have the same extent as that Act.
      (9) Parts II and III do not extend to Northern Ireland.
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Prepared 8 December 2000