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Establishment of Culture Online.     25. - (1) There shall be a body corporate known as Culture Online.
      (2) The object of Culture Online is to promote in England-
    (a) knowledge and appreciation of culture, history and science,
    (b) access to objects, events, places and other things of cultural, historic or scientific interest, and
    (c) pursuits relating to matters of such interest, and participation in events of such interest.
      (3) In subsection (2)(c), "pursuits" includes pursuits with a professional, commercial or other economic purpose.
      (4) Schedule 2 to this Act makes provision in relation to Culture Online.
Functions of Culture Online.     26. - (1) Culture Online shall achieve its object by-
    (a) creating and developing, or promoting the creation and development of,-
      (i) material in electronic form (including material which is itself of cultural interest), and
      (ii) services provided by electronic means, and
    (b) making available, or promoting the making available of,-
      (i) material in electronic form, and
      (ii) services provided by electronic means,
    to the general public (or any section of it).
      (2) Any power conferred on Culture Online by subsection (1) to carry on any activities includes a power to enter into arrangements to secure that such activities are carried on by one or more other persons (including arrangements that provide for Culture Online to make payments to persons who provide facilities in pursuance of the arrangements).
      (3) For the purposes of subsection (1), Culture Online may-
    (a) enter into contracts or other arrangements (whether legally binding or not);
    (b) provide any person with financial assistance in the form of-
      (i) a grant,
      (ii) a loan,
      (iii) a guarantee or indemnity;
    (c) attach conditions to any such financial assistance (including conditions requiring repayment, payment of interest or payment of other amounts);
    (d) acquire and dispose of, or exploit, land and other property;
    (e) take charges or other forms of security over land and other property;
    (f) form, or acquire and dispose of interests in, bodies corporate;
    (g) act with other persons, whether by way of partnership, joint venture or otherwise;
    (h) accept gifts of assistance, money, land and other property;
    (j) borrow money and grant charges or other forms of security over land and other property;
    (k) invest money not immediately required for the purpose of achieving its object; and
    (l) do such other things as it thinks necessary or expedient.
      (4) Culture Online may make a charge for any materials or services provided by it at the request of any person.
Directions by the Secretary of State.     27. - (1) The Secretary of State may give Culture Online directions concerning the exercise by it of any of its functions.
      (2) The Secretary of State must consult Culture Online before giving it any directions under this section.
Finance.     28. - (1) The Secretary of State may pay to Culture Online sums towards its expenditure.
      (2) A payment under this section may be made on such conditions as the Secretary of State thinks fit.
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Prepared 15 December 2000