Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Bill [H.L.] - continued        House of Lords

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     1. This Schedule sets out the matters which are development business for the purposes of section 56.
     2. The completion or execution of works on-
    (a) a commonhold,
    (b) land which is or may be added to a commonhold, or
    (c) land which has been removed from a commonhold.
     3. - (1) Transactions in commonhold units.
      (2) Advertising and other activities designed to promote transactions in commonhold units.
     4. The addition of land to a commonhold.
     5. The removal of land from a commonhold.
     6. Amendment of a commonhold community statement (including amendment to redefine the extent of a commonhold unit).
Commonhold association
     7. Appointment and removal of directors of a commonhold association.
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Prepared 21 December 2000