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Consequential amendments.     13. - (1) In section 6 of the 1994 Act (model provisions with respect to appeals), in subsection (7)-
    (a) in the definition of "enforcement action", for "section 5 above" there is substituted "section 9 of the Regulatory Reform Act 2001", and
    (b) for the definition of "interested person" there is substituted-
    ""interested person" means-
      (a) the person against whom enforcement action may be or has been taken;
      (b) any other person who will or may be required to meet, or to make a significant contribution towards, the cost of observing the restriction or complying with the requirement or condition; or
      (c) where the enforcement action which may be or has been taken relates specifically to goods or services which are to be or have been supplied by a person other than the one against whom enforcement action may be or has been taken, that person;".
      (2) This section does not extend to Scotland.
Interpretation.     14. In this Act-
    "the 1994 Act" means the Deregulation and Contracting Out Act 1994;
    "burden" and related expressions have the meaning given by section 2;
    "Minister of the Crown" has the same meaning as in the Ministers of the Crown Act 1975;
    "subordinate legislation" has the meaning given by section 21(1) of the Interpretation Act 1978;
    "Wales" has the same meaning as in the Government of Wales Act 1998.
Short title and extent.     15. - (1) This Act may be cited as the Regulatory Reform Act 2001.
      (2) This Act extends to Northern Ireland.
      (3) An order under section 1 which amends or repeals any enactment extending outside the United Kingdom may have the same extent as the enactment amended or repealed.
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Prepared 26 January 2001