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Amendments to the Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Bill

Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Bill



Clause 4



Page 2, line 18, at end insert "or a communication to an individual who has in writing provided to the person who, apart from this subsection would commit an offence, his name and address, his age expressed as being over 18 years, and a wish to receive communications of the kind to which this subsection relates, and has not in writing subsequently withdrawn that wish,"

Clause 6



Page 3, line 35, after "shop" insert ", mobile or temporary retail unit, catalogue, price list or website"
Page 3, line 36, leave out "on the premises in question"

Clause 9



Page 4, line 27, at end insert—
"(   )  For the purposes of subsection (1) a coupon shall not be deemed to have the purpose or effect of promoting a tobacco product if it only provides for the product with which it is packed or sent to be sold at a discount on a single subsequent purchase of that product."
Page 4, line 32, at end insert ", or
(b)  research into tobacco product development, provided that such research is undertaken within the code of conduct of the Market Research Association"
Page 5, line 6, at end insert—
"(   )  The Secretary of State may make regulations providing for this section not to apply to giving products or coupons away pursuant to schemes which he approves for the purposes of this subsection."

Clause 10



Page 5, line 11, leave out subsections (1) and (2) and insert—
"(1)  A person who is party to a tobacco sponsorship agreement as defined in subsection (2) is guilty of an offence.
(2)  A tobacco sponsorship agreement is an agreement under which a party to it makes a contribution in the course of business towards a public event or activity, whether the contribution is in money or takes any other form (for example, the provision of services or of contributions in kind), and the purpose or effect of anything done in return for such contribution is to promote a tobacco product."

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4 April 2001