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Social Security Fraud Bill [H.L.]

This is the text of the Social Security Fraud Bill [H.L.], as amended on Report in the House of Lords and printed on 27th February 2001.

Social Security Fraud Bill [H.L.]

Obtaining and sharing information
1.Additional powers to obtain information.
2.Electronic access to information.
3.Code of practice about use of information powers.
4.Arrangements for payments in respect of information.
5.Exchange of information with overseas authorities.
6.Exchange of information by authorities administering benefit.

Loss of benefit provisions
7.Loss of benefit for commission of benefit offences.
8.Effect of offence on joint-claim jobseeker's allowance.
9.Effect of offence on benefits for members of offender's family.
10.Power to supplement and mitigate loss of benefit provisions.
11.Loss of benefit regulations.
12.Consequential amendments.
13.Interpretation of sections 7 to 12.

Penalties as an alternative to prosecution
14.Delegation of functions.
15.Colluding employers.

16.Offence of failing to notify a change of circumstances.
17.Time limit for proceedings in Scotland.

18.Meaning of "the Administration Act".
21.Short title and extent.


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Prepared 28 February 2001