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Private Security Industry Bill [H.L.]

This is the text of the Private Security Industry Bill [H.L.], as amended on Report in the House of Lords and printed on 5th March 2001.

Private Security Industry Bill [H.L.]

The Security Industry Authority
1.The Security Industry Authority.
2.Directions etc. by the Secretary of State.

Licence requirement
3.Conduct prohibited without a licence.
4.Exemptions from licensing requirement.
5.Offence of using unlicensed security operative.
6.Offence of using unlicensed wheel-clampers.

Licensing functions of the Authority
7.Licensing criteria.
8.Licences to engage in licensable conduct.
9.Licence conditions.
10.Revocation and modification of licences.
11.Appeals in licensing matters.
12.Register of licences.
13.Licensing at local authority level.

Approved contractors
14.Register of approved contractors.
15.Arrangements for the grant of approvals.
16.Right to use approved status.
17.Imposition of requirements for approval.
18.Appeals relating to approvals.

Entry, inspection and information
19.Powers of entry and inspection.
20.Guidance as to exercise of power of entry.
21.Access to enhanced criminal record certificates.
22.False information.

23.Criminal liability of directors etc.
24.Orders and regulations.
26.Short title, commencement and extent.

    Schedule 1-The Security Industry Authority.
    Schedule 2-Activities liable to control under the Act.
    Part I-Activities of security operatives.
    Part II-Activities subject to additional controls.

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Prepared 6 March 2001