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Leasehold valuation tribunals.     147. - (1) Any jurisdiction conferred on a leasehold valuation tribunal by or under any enactment is exercisable by a rent assessment committee constituted in accordance with Schedule 10 to the Rent Act 1977.
      (2) When so constituted for exercising any such jurisdiction a rent assessment committee is known as a leasehold valuation tribunal.
Procedure.     148. Schedule 11 (leasehold valuation tribunals: procedure) has effect.
Appeals.     149. - (1) A party to proceedings before a leasehold valuation tribunal may appeal to the Lands Tribunal from a decision of the leasehold valuation tribunal.
      (2) But the appeal may be made only with the permission of-
    (a) the leasehold valuation tribunal, or
    (b) the Lands Tribunal.
      (3) And it must be made within the time specified by rules under section 3(6) of the Lands Tribunal Act 1949.
      (4) On the appeal the Lands Tribunal may exercise any power which was available to the leasehold valuation tribunal.
      (5) And a decision of the Lands Tribunal on the appeal may be enforced in the same way as a decision of the leasehold valuation tribunal.
      (6) No appeal lies from a decision of a leasehold valuation tribunal to the High Court by virtue of section 11(1) of the Tribunals and Inquiries Act 1992.
      (7) And no case may be stated for the opinion of the High Court in respect of such a decision by virtue of that provision.
      (8) For the purposes of section 3(4) of the Lands Tribunal Act 1949 (which enables a person aggrieved by a decision of the Lands Tribunal to appeal to the Court of Appeal) a leasehold valuation tribunal is not a person aggrieved.
Consequential amendments.     150. Schedule 12 (minor and consequential amendments about leasehold valuation tribunals) has effect.
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Prepared 23 March 2001