Annual Report and Accounts 2000-01



45.  Thirty-six Life Peers were created in the period covered by this report and the total number of those entitled to sit in the House on 31 March 2001 was 683[10].

46.  The House of Lords Appointments Commission, an independent body set up by the Prime Minister in May 2000 to make recommendations on the appointment of non party-political members of the House of Lords, invited applications in September 2000. From the 3,166 received, the Commission published the names of 15 new independent members of the House in April 2001.

47.  The average daily attendance at the House was 346 and over 330 Lords attended more than half of the sittings in 2000. Membership of the House by political party or group is illustrated below.

10   See Appendix B, page 48. Back

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