Annual Report and Accounts 2000-01



1.  The House of Lords' administration (excluding staff of the political parties or individual Peers) numbers 382 staff. The Accounting Officer and, in accordance with the Parliamentary Corporate Bodies Act 1992, the Corporate Officer of the House of Lords is the Clerk of the Parliaments, Michael Davies. Staff are divided into two Departments: the Parliament Office under the Clerk of the Parliaments and Black Rod's Department under the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod. General Sir Edward Jones was the post holder throughout 2000-01. He was succeeded by General Sir Michael Willcocks in May 2001. Staff salaries and employment costs in 2000-01, including those for Refreshment Department staff, totalled £8.53mn.

2.  The Clerk of the Parliaments is assisted by two Clerks at the Table. The Clerk Assistant, Paul Hayter, is responsible to the Clerk of the Parliaments for the Minutes of Proceedings of the House and the preparation of the Order Paper containing future business. He is also responsible for the Legislation Office, whose activities are recorded on pages 36 and 37 and for strategy on information technology and systems. Michael Pownall, the Reading Clerk, is also Principal Finance Officer. Expenditure by the Clerk of the Parliaments and Table Clerks in 2000-01 was £1,151,485 compared with £1,114,061 in 1999-2000. The Fourth Clerk at the Table (Judicial) and Registrar of Lords' Interests, James Vallance White, heads the Judicial Office (see page 34).

Aim and Objectives of the Administration

3.  The House of Lords' administration and the Clerk of the Parliaments have the following aim and key objectives:

The aim of the House of Lords' administration is to provide a service of high quality to enable the House and its Members to carry out fully their parliamentary and judicial functions, and to give value for money.

The following key objectives support the aim:

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