Annual Report and Accounts 2000-01


Printed Paper Office (including Supplies Office)
(Clerk of the Journals: Brendan Keith, succeeded by the Clerk of the Printed Paper Office: Chris Rogers in September 2000)

1  Purpose

The Office provides Parliamentary papers and other documents needed by Members to discharge their Parliamentary duties; manages contracts for the printing and publishing of House of Lords' documents; provides office supplies, including photocopiers, fax machines and stationery; and arranges for the disposal of surplus computer equipment.

2  Organisation

Following the establishment of a new post of Clerk of the Printed Paper Office, there are 8 members of staff, one of whom is responsible for office supplies. A new post of Procurement Officer has been approved and an appointment will be made later in 2001.

3  Activities and Financial Performance

Following competitive tendering, a new four-year contract was awarded to The Stationery Office Ltd (TSO) for the printing of the Minute, Hansard and Select Committee documents (see Review of the Year, paragraph 62).

Arising from the decision of the House to assume responsibility for publishing its own papers, contracts were negotiated with TSO and agreed for publishing administration services and the distribution of House papers. Service Level Agreements were also drawn up with TSO for the printing of ad hoc items and for the supply of publications (other than House of Lords' papers) to the House.

Internal procedures for checking invoices for daily deliveries of publications and for the supply of publications on request were improved and brought up to full audit standards.

A better service has been offered to Members as a result of staff reorganisation and training and some rearrangement of the PPO front desk.

Despite a significant increase in orders for office supplies, the ordering, delivery and stock control system set up with the main supplier has continued to operate well. An electronic system for placing orders with the supplier was introduced.

Arrangements were made for the environmentally safe recycling and disposal of surplus computer equipment, which has included some return to the House in respect of sales.

Budget provision was £1,748,800 (£1,639,100 after virement in 1999-2000). Net expenditure was £1,584,473 (£1,637,561 in 1999-2000), of which £1,289,524 related to the provision of publications for Members and staff.

4  Future Activities

  • Assumption of full responsibility for monitoring the services provided by TSO for printing and the supply of publications, and development of the new system for monitoring and checking related invoices.

  • Further improvements in the service offered to Members, partly arising from the replacement of the existing goods lift with a new passenger lift linking all parts of the office.

  • Introduction of an internal on-line requisitioning system for office supplies and stationery.

  • Introduction of an enhanced procurement service.

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