Annual Report and Accounts 2000-01

House of Lords

Peers' Expenses, Administration etc. Vote

Account for the year ended 31 March 2001


Ambit of the Vote: These accounts contain the expenditure of the House of Lords on Peers' expenses and administrative costs, including staff pensions, security, stationery and printing.

The Appropriation Account for this Vote will be published separately. The following summary of account and financial statement are based on the Appropriation Account and have been included here to provide a more detailed statement of how expenditure has been applied in the House of Lords towards these services.

The Appropriation Account itself is examined by the National Audit Office and will be published, with a certificate from the Comptroller and Auditor General, in the autumn. An audited Resource Account for 2000-01, incorporating this Vote, will be published in due course.

Summary of Account
Year ended 31 March 2001

Receipts totalled £2,816,532. The House of Lords was authorised to retain £2,745,000 of receipts as Appropriations in Aid of expenditure on this Vote. The excess of £71,532, consisting mainly of VAT refunds, was surrendered to the Consolidated Fund.

Financial Statement
Year ended 31 March 2001

Notes to the Financial Statement

Peers' expenses are reimbursed in accordance with conditions laid down in various resolutions of the House on the recommendations of the Senior Salaries Review Body. In the financial year 2000-01, there were 168 sittings of the House and a daily average attendance of 346. The budget also contains provision for financial assistance to Opposition Parties.
bProvision for staff costs and general administrative expenses of the House of Lords is divided up into 18 budgets under the control of nominated officers of the House. The budgets include provision for printing, publications and stationery, computer services, staff training, outside assistance and the fees charged by the Official Shorthand Writer. Details about the activities of each office are given in the Office Reports in Part II of this Report. Two separate budgets are maintained for postal and telecommunications charges.
cThis budget includes expenditure of Select Committees totalling £168,000 and is attributable mainly to the European Union Committee and the Science and Technology Committees and their Sub-Committees. This includes the cost of witnesses, specialist advisers and committee travel.
dThis budget includes expenditure of £97,000 for the cost of Lords' members of delegations to the Council of Europe, Western European Union and the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.
eThe costs of the Refreshment Department are paid from this Vote except those attributable to catering for private functions which are paid for by the Trading Account. A contribution from the Trading Account profits is made. In 2000-01 this contribution was equivalent to 41 per cent of costs borne on the Vote.
fThe cost of benefits provided by the House of Lords Staff Pension Scheme is included. The Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme is applied by analogy to the staff of the House of Lords.
gExpenditure on security represents 40 per cent of the cost of security in the Palace of Westminster and 100 per cent for parts of the Parliamentary Estate occupied by the House of Lords.

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