Annual Report and Accounts 2000-01

House of Lords

Works Services Vote

Account for the year ended 31 March 2001


Ambit of the Vote: This account contains the expenditure by the House of Lords on works services. Expenditure covers the costs of projects related solely to the House of Lords, and a 40 per cent share of those related to the Palace of Westminster as a whole, including the costs of administration of the Parliamentary Works Directorate.

The Appropriation Account for this Vote will be published separately. The following summary of account and explanatory notes are based on the Appropriation Account and have been included here to provide a more detailed statement of how expenditure has been applied in the House of Lords towards these services.

The Appropriation Account itself is examined by the National Audit Office and will be published, with a certificate from the Comptroller and Auditor General, in the autumn. An audited Resource Account for 2000-01, incorporating this Vote, will be published in due course.

Summary of Account
Year ended 31 March 2001

Notes to the Account

Major acquisitions and new works. Expenditure in 2000-01 was less than the programme provision due to the postponement of the scheme to replace the boiler and chiller installations at the Palace of Westminster and the re-timing of the Victoria Tower project.
bMaintenance and other operating costs. Savings were made on day to day maintenance.
cRents, rates, service charges, fuel, utilities and cleaning. Business rates for the Palace of Westminster were less than forecast by the Valuation Office Agency and there were savings in energy costs in the Whitehall Standby Distribution Scheme.
dPay, allowances, overtime and national insurance costs of staff and other general administrative expenses of the Parliamentary Works Directorate. Savings were recorded against the provision for pay and overtime.
eReceipts from rents, service charges, fees etc and VAT refunds. Receipts in 2000-01 totalled £736,770. The shortfall was mainly due to VAT refunds on contracted out services being lower than anticipated.

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