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QCs and Judges, Appointments:

    Process Scrutiny, Question, [623] (15.3.01) WA106-7.

    Scrutiny, Question, [623] (7.3.01) WA29.

Quality Assurance Agency:

    Question, [622] (20.2.01) 594-6.

Queen's Speech:

    [620] (6.12.2000) 1-4.

Quirk, Lord:

    Birmingham Prison, [624] (4.4.01) 813.

    Boys and Fatherhood, [621] (24.1.01) 319-21.

    Prison Conditions, [622] (14.2.01) 245.

    Prison Service, [622] (20.2.01) 674-5.

    Teaching Profession, [621] (5.2.01) 934.

    Young Offenders' Institution, Brinsford, Question, [623] (22.3.01) 1532.

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