Select Committee on Science and Technology Fourth Report




Items marked * are explained in the glossary at the end of Appendix 7

ADLIB  Acute Coronary Event DNA Library Project

CPR  Central Population Register, in Denmark

COREC  Central Office for Research Ethics Committees

DNA  *Deoxyribonucleic acid

DoH  Department of Health

EBI  European Bioinformatics Institute

EMBL  European Molecular Biology Laboratory

ff  To include also the material immediate following the reference given.

FSS  Forensic Science Service

GMC  General Medical Council

GP  General Practitioner

HGC  Human Genetics Commission

HUGO  Human Genome Organisation

IPR  Intellectual Property Rights

ISD  Information and Statistics Division of the Scottish Health Service

IT  Information Technology

LREC  Local Research Ethics Committee

MRC  Medical Research Council

MREC  Multi-centre Research Ethics Committee

NHS  National Health Service

P  A page number in the evidence section of this volume, immediately following Appendix 7

p  A page number in the earlier volume of evidence, namely Human Genetic Databases: written evidence received up to 31 October 2000, Session 1999-2000, HL Paper 115

POST  Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology

Q  A question number in the minutes of evidence section of this volume, immediately following Appendix 7

SAHSU  Small Area Health Statistics Unit

SNP  *Single nucleotide polymorphism

STR  *Short tandem repeats

UK  United Kingdom

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