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Adoption and Children Bill


Adoption and Children Bill





Part 1


Chapter 1


      1        Considerations applying to the exercise of powers

Chapter 2

The Adoption Service

The Adoption Service

      2        Basic definitions

      3        Maintenance of Adoption Service

      4        Assessments etc. for adoption support services

      5        Local authority plans for adoption services

      6        Arrangements on cancellation of registration

      7        Inactive or defunct adoption societies etc.

      8        Adoption support agencies


      9        General power to regulate adoption etc. agencies

      10        Management etc. of agencies

      11        Fees

      12        Independent review of determinations


      13        Information concerning adoption

      14        Default power of appropriate Minister

      15        Inspection of premises etc.

      16        Distribution of functions in relation to registered adoption societies

      17        Inquiries

HL Bill 10753/1

Adoption and Children Bill



Chapter 3

Placement for adoption and adoption orders

Placement of children by adoption agency for adoption

      18        Placement for adoption by agencies

      19        Placing children with parental consent

      20        Advance consent to adoption

      21        Placement orders

      22        Applications for placement orders

      23        Varying placement orders

      24        Revoking placement orders

      25        Parental responsibility

      26        Contact

      27        Contact: supplementary

      28        Further consequences of placement

      29        Further consequences of placement orders

Removal of children who are or may be placed by adoption agencies

      30        General prohibitions on removal

      31        Section 30: recovery by parent etc.

      32        Section 30: recovery by parent etc. where agency not opposed

      33        Section 30: recovery by parent etc. where application for placement order


      34        Placement orders: prohibition on removal

      35        Return of child in other cases

Removal of children in non-agency cases

      36        Restrictions on removal

      37        Applicants for adoption

      38        Local authority foster parents

      39        Step parents

      40        Other non-agency cases

Breach of restrictions on removal

      41        Recovery orders

Preliminaries to adoption

      42        Child to live with adopters before application

      43        Reports where child placed by agency

      44        Notice of intention to adopt

      45        Suitability of adopters

The making of adoption orders

      46        Adoption orders

      47        Conditions for making adoption orders

      48        Restrictions on making adoption orders

      49        Applications for adoption


Adoption and Children Bill



      50        Adoption by couple

      51        Adoption by one person

Placement and adoption: general

      52        Parental etc. consent

      53        Modification of 1989 Act in relation to adoption

      54        Disclosing information during adoption process

      55        Revocation of adoptions on legitimation

Disclosure of information in relation to a person’s adoption

      56        Information to be kept about a person’s adoption

      57        Restrictions on disclosure of protected etc. information

      58        Disclosure of other information

      59        Offence

      60        Disclosing information to adopted adult

      61        Disclosing protected information about adults

      62        Disclosing protected information about children

      63        Counselling

      64        Other provision to be made by regulations

      65        Interpretation

Chapter 4

Status of Adopted Children

      66        Meaning of adoption in Chapter 4

      67        Status conferred by adoption

      68        Adoptive relatives

      69        Rules of interpretation for instruments concerning property

      70        Dispositions depending on date of birth

      71        Property devolving with peerages etc.

      72        Protection of trustees and personal representatives

      73        Meaning of disposition

      74        Miscellaneous enactments

      75        Pensions

      76        Insurance

Chapter 5

The Registers

Adopted Children Register etc.

      77        Adopted Children Register

      78        Searches and copies

      79        Connections between the register and birth records

Adoption Contact Register

      80        Adoption Contact Register

      81        Adoption Contact Register: supplementary


Adoption and Children Bill




      82        Interpretation

Chapter 6

Adoptions with a foreign element

Bringing children into and out of the United Kingdom

      83        Restriction on bringing children in

      84        Giving parental responsibility prior to adoption abroad

      85        Restriction on taking children out

Overseas adoptions

      86        Overseas adoptions


      87        Modification of section 67 for Convention adoptions

      88        Annulment etc. of overseas or Convention adoptions

      89        Section 88: supplementary

      90        Overseas determinations and orders

Chapter 7



      91        Restriction on arranging adoptions, etc.

      92        Offence of breaching restrictions under section 91

      93        Restriction on reports

      94        Prohibition of certain payments

      95        Excepted payments

      96        Sections 91 to 95: interpretation


      97        Proceedings for offences

      98        Appeals

      99        Privacy

The Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service

      100        Officers of the Service

      101        Right of officers of the Service to have access to adoption agency records


      102        Evidence of consent


Adoption and Children Bill



Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Islands

      103        Effect of certain Scottish orders and provisions

      104        Effect of certain Northern Irish orders and provisions

      105        Use of adoption records from other parts of the British Islands

      106        Channel Islands and the Isle of Man


      107        Avoiding delay

      108        Service of notices etc.

Part 2

Amendments of the Children Act 1989

      109        Parental responsibility of unmarried father

      110        Acquisition of parental responsibility by step-parent

      111        Section 8 orders: local authority foster parents

      112        Residence orders: extension to age of 18

      113        Special guardianship

      114        Accommodation of children in need etc.

      115        Inquiries by local authorities into representations

      116        Review of cases of looked after children

      117        Meaning of “harm” in the 1989 Act

      118        Care plans

Part 3

Miscellaneous and final provisions

Chapter 1


Advertisements in the United Kingdom

      119        Restriction on advertisements etc.

      120        Offence of breaching restriction under section 119

Adoption and Children Act Register

      121        Adoption and Children Act Register

      122        Use of an organisation to establish the register

      123        Use of an organisation as agency for payments

      124        Supply of information for the register

      125        Disclosure of information

      126        Territorial application

      127        Supplementary

Other miscellaneous provisions

      128        Amendment of Adoption (Scotland) Act 1978: contravention of sections 30 to

36 of this Act

      129        Scottish restriction on bringing children into United Kingdom


Adoption and Children Bill



      130        Amendment of Adoption (Scotland) Act 1978: overseas adoptions

      131        Adoption and fostering: criminal records

      132        Payment of grants in connection with welfare services

      133        Extension of the Convention to British overseas territories

      134        Proceedings in Great Britain

Amendments, etc.

      135        Amendments, transitional and transitory provisions, savings and repeals

Chapter 2

Final provisions

      136        Orders, rules and regulations

      137        Rules of procedure

      138        Supplementary and consequential provision

      139        Offences by bodies corporate and unincorporated bodies

      140        General interpretation, etc.

      141        Devolution: Wales

      142        Expenses

      143        Glossary

      144        Commencement

      145        Extent

      146        Short title

                  Schedule 1                                         Registration of Adoptions

                  Schedule 2                                         Disclosure of Birth Records by Registrar General

                  Schedule 3                                         Minor and consequential amendments

                  Schedule 4                                         Transitional and transitory provisions and savings

                  Schedule 5                                         Repeals

                  Schedule 6                                         Glossary


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