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Fraser of Carmyllie, Lord:

    Financial Services and Markets Tribunal Rules 2001, [627] (23.10.01) 930-1.

Free Postage for Members of the House of Lords:

    Question, [626] (19.7.01) WA143-4.

Freedom of Information Act:

    Implementation, Questions, [626] (9.7.01) WA67-8; (24.7.01) WA194-5.

    Progress on Implementation, Question, [626] (25.6.01) 119-21.

    Training, Question, [627] (30.10.01) WA149.

Freeman, Lord:

    Greyhounds, [626] (10.7.01) 1060-2.

    International Development Bill [HL], 2R, [626] (2.7.01) 719-21; Committee, (16.7.01) 1332-4.

    Railways, [627] (31.10.01) 1449-52.

French and German Teaching:

    In Public Sector Schools, Question, [626] (18.7.01) WA128.

Freyberg, Lord:

    Droit de Suite, Question, [627] (14.9.01) WA40, WA41.

    Privy Council Silver Collection, Question, [627] (25.10.01) WA139, 1102.

Fur Farmers:

    Compensation, Question, [626] (4.7.01) WA41.

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