Select Committee on Animals In Scientific Procedures Report


Terms of Reference

The Committee's terms of reference were:

"To consider and report on issues respecting animals in scientific procedures in the United Kingdom, including—

    (1) the working of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986;

    (2) the effectiveness of and justification for animal procedures, particularly in:

      (i)  medicine

      (ii)  education

      (iii)  defence

      (iv)  product testing; and

    (3) the development and use of alternatives to animal procedures;

      —  and in all the foregoing considerations to pay regard to:
  • public attitudes, availability of information, labelling and consumer issues;
  • development in biotechnology, and the likely future demand for animal procedures;
  • the effect of any changes on the economy and the science base;
  • EU and international law and practice."

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