Select Committee on Animals In Scientific Procedures Report


The conference was hosted by Members of the Select Committee. The delegates were:
Dr James AndersonHome Office
Ms Kathy ArchibaldAnimal Aid
Professor Michael BallsECVAM
Professor Colin BlakemoreOxford University
Dr Phil BothamBritish Toxicology Society
Dr Kenneth BoydBoyd Group
Professor CaldwellBritish Toxicology Society
Dr Pete CliftonBritish Psychological Society
Ms Jan CreamerNAVS
Mr Roger EwbankInstitute of Biology
Dr Simon Festing AMRC
Ms Rebecca Ford Advocates for Animals
Mr John GregoryInstitute of Animal Technology
Mrs Barbara Holgate ABPI
Dr Bryan HowardLaboratory Animals Science Association
Dr Maggy Jennings RSPCA
Dr Sheila KingWellcome Trust
Dr Joanne KnightLord Dowding Fund
Dr Chris LangleyDr Hadwen Trust
Dr Gill LangleyDr Hadwen Trust
Dr Roger LockUniversity of Birmingham
Ms Maggie LeggettPhysiological Society
Dr Mark Matfield Research Defence Society
Mr Dragan Nastic World Society for the Protection of Animals
Dr Tony PeatfieldMRC
Dr Barry PhillipsRSPCA
Mr Tim PhillipsNAVS
Dr David SmithABPI
Dr Jane SmithBoyd Group
Dr Clare Stanford Laboratory Animals Science Association
Ms Michelle ThewBUAV
Mr David ThomasBUAV
Dr Jon TurneyUniversity College, London
Mr Martin WalshHome Office
Mr Les WardAdvocates for Animals
Dr Greg WhelanLaboratory Animals Veterinary Association

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