Select Committee on Chinook ZD 576 Report



The following gave oral evidence:

    RAF Board of Inquiry
    Air Chief Marshal Sir William Wratten GBE CB AFC CIMgt, RAF retd
    Air Chief Marshal Sir John Day KCB OBE ADC BSc, RAF
    Air Commodore Peter Crawford, RAF retd
    Group Captain Andrew Pulford, RAF
    Contributors to the RAF Board of Inquiry
    Air Accidents Investigation Branch
    Mr Mark Holbrook
    Squadron Leader David Morgan, RAF
    Mr Michael Tapper
    Captain John Cook
    Squadron Leader Robert Burke, RAF retd
    Captain Ron Macdonald FRAeS
    Captain Richard Hadlow FRAeS
    Captain Ralph Kohn FRAeS
    A further witness, identified as Witness A, was granted anonymity

The following supplied written material. In the case of those marked * it is printed in HL Paper 25(ii). In the case of those not so marked, it is available (unless confidential) for inspection in the House of Lords Record Office (020 7219 3074).

    Mr Edward Albrecht
    Mr S Campbell
    Campaign Support
    Mr D J Carey
    Computer Weekly
    Lord Cooke of Islandreagh
    Wing Commander J A Cooke OBE, RAF
    Mr Thomas Crawford
    *Ministry of Defence (selected submissions published only)
    Mr R France
    Air Chief Marshal Sir Michael Graydon
    Mrs M J Gresswell
    Mr John Griffin
    Mr David Harrison
    Mr B Hepburn
    Air Commodore D J Hine
    Mr Hadrian Jeffs
    Air Chief Marshal Sir Richard Johns
    Mr A Lawrence
    Captain Omar Malik
    Mr David Martin
    Mr G G Meekums
    Mr John Nichol
    Mr D E Pedgley
    *Mr Malcolm Perks
    Mr William Pike
    Dr Gordon Pledger
    Public Accounts Committee, House of Commons (published in HL Paper 67 2000-01)
    Mr J M Ramsden
    Mr Michael Russell
    Squadron Leader Bernie Smith
    Mr Malcolm Spaven
    Mr Nevin Taggart
    Mr Douglas Tott
    Mr David Walmsley
    Mr P Weaver


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