Select Committee on Chinook ZD 576 Report



A&AEEAircraft and Armament Experimental Establishment, Boscombe Down
AAIBAir Accidents Investigation Branch, an agency of the Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions
DASHDifferential air speed hold
DECUDigital engine control unit
FADECFull Authority Digital Engine Control
FAIFatal Accident Inquiry
IASIndicated air speed
IFRInstrument Flight Rules
ILCAIntegrated lower control actuator
IMCInstrument Meteorological Conditions
LCTALongitudinal cyclic trim actuator
MALMMaster Air Loadmaster
MoDMinistry of Defence
QQuestion in oral evidence
ROCRate of climb
SASafety Altitude
TANSTactical Area Navigation System
UFCMUndemanded flying control movement
VFRVisual Flight Rules
WPWay point, as programmed in the TANS
Units of measurement
ktknot (one nautical mile per hour, 1.1515 mph)
nmnautical mile (1852 metres, 1.1515 miles)

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