Select Committee on European Union Thirty-Second Report

Appendix 2

List of Witnesses

  The following witnesses gave evidence. Those marked ** gave both oral and written evidence; those marked * gave oral evidence only.

  Mr Peter Alexiadis and Ms Miranda Cole, Squire, Sanders & Dempsey LLP.

**  Mr Gerwin Van Gerven, Ms Fiona Carlin, Mr Alec Burnside, Mr Pierre Kirch, Mr Andrea De Matteis and Mr Franck Fougère, EU Committee, American Chamber of Commerce in Belgium.

Gavin Anderson & Company.

**  Dr Derek Morris, Mr Robert Foster, Mr Brian McHenry and Ms Carole Begent, Competition Commission.

**  Mr James Flynn and Mr Ali Nikpay on behalf of the Competition Law Association.

**  Mr Rufus Ogilvie Smals, Ms Lynda Martin Alegi, Mr Juan Rodriguez, Mr Jonathan Dykes, Confederation of British Industry.

*  Commissioner Mario Monti, Mr Götz Drauz, Director, Merger Task Force, Mr Stephen Ryan, Merger Task Force, Mr Carles Esteva-Mosso, Member of Cabinet and Ms Anna Papaionnou, Directorate-General for Competition, European Commission.

**  Mr Willy Buschak, Confederal Secretary, European Trade Union Confederation.

  Mr Joseph Gilchrist, Honorary Director and former Hearing Officer of the European Commission.

  International Chamber of Commerce, UK Committee on Competition.

**  Ms Katherine Holmes and Mr Simon Polito on behalf of the Joint Working Party of the Bars and Law Societies of the UK on Competition Law.

*  Professor John Kay.

*  Dr William Bishop, Chairman, Lexecon Limited.

*  Mr David Crossland, Chairman and Mr Greg McMahon, Company Secretary, MyTravel Group plc (formerly Airtours plc), and Mr Malcolm Nicholson, Slaughter and May.

National Consumer Council.

**  Mr John Vickers and Ms Margaret Bloom, Office of Fair Trading.

**  Miss Melanie Johnson MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Competition, Consumers and Markets, Mrs Pat Sellers, Director Consumer and Competition Policy Directorate, Mr Ben Rimmington, Assistant Director, EC Mergers and Mr David Wirth, Economic Adviser, Department of Trade and Industry.

**  Mr David Coats, Ms Janet Williamson, Trades Union Congress and Mr Gerry Veart, GMB.

**  Mr Philippe De Buck, Secretary General, Mr Peter Plompen, Chair Company Affairs Committee and Mr Eric Berggren, Senior Adviser, Company Affairs Department, Union of Industrial and Employers' Confederations of Europe.

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