Select Committee on European Union Fifteenth Report


The Sub-Committee's Call for evidence

Sub-Committee F (Social Affairs, Education and Home Affairs), under the chairmanship of Baroness Harris of Richmond, is conducting an inquiry into "Mobility within European labour markets". The basis for this inquiry is the Commission's Communication of 28 February on "New European Labour Markets, Open to All, with Access for All" (document 6453/01). The Committee will be taking oral evidence between October and December. Written evidence is invited, with particular emphasis on the following issues:

  • the drivers of and impediments to mobility within European labour markets;
  • the reasons for the low rate of mobility within the EU as compared with that in the United States;
  • the extent to which mobility is restricted by "cultural" factors, such as language, or economic factors related to pension, social security or other forms of welfare;
  • the link between sectoral and/or skill mobility within a single geographic labour market and physical mobility between different geographic labour markets;
  • the impact on mobility of changing demographic and fertility patterns in EU labour markets and those labour markets closely linked to the EU;
  • the impact on mobility of households in which more than one member works;
  • the social effects of mobility, particularly on families and communities;
  • the link between migration and commuting decisions, and the role in this of other factors such as the housing market;
  • how far policy can be used to improve information, leading to better matching of supply and demand across labour markets;
  • the impact of enlargement and the likely increases in differences between standards of living in EU Members States—with particular reference to the different mobility rights enjoyed by EU citizens, citizens of candidate countries, and legally resident third country nationals.

19 July 2001

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