Select Committee on Science and Technology Third Report

Appendix 3

Call for Evidence

Sub-Committee I of the Select Committee on Science and Technology is to conduct a short Inquiry, under the chairmanship of Baroness Walmsley, entitled Systematic Biology and Biodiversity. This is a follow up of the 1992 report Systematic Biology Research. The principal aim of the Inquiry is to examine whether UK systematic biology is able to support the work needed to implement current and future policies on biodiversity. Sub-Committee I have been asked to report by the end of March 2002. Evidence is invited on the following questions:

How has the organisation of and funding for systematic biology in the United Kingdom changed since 1992?

What, if any, are the changes required in this area to enable the United Kingdom to meet its policy aims on biodiversity?

The deadline for written evidence is 28 January 2002. Submissions should be sent to the Clerk of Sub-Committee I, preferably as an email attachment (

Short submissions of 6 pages or fewer are preferred; longer submissions should include a summary. Evidence should be clearly printed or typed on single sides of A4 paper, unstapled. Paragraphs should be numbered. If drawings or charts are included, we ask that these are black-and-white and of camera-ready quality. Evidence should be properly attributed and dated, with a note of the author's name and position, and whether the evidence is submitted on an individual or corporate basis. Only one copy is required. All submissions will be acknowledged promptly.

Evidence becomes the property of the Committee, and may be printed or circulated by the Committee at any stage. You may publicise or publish your evidence yourself, but in doing so you must indicate that it was prepared for the Committee.

Persons who submit written evidence, and others, may be invited to give oral evidence, usually in public at Westminster; transcripts of such sessions are published.

Enquiries should be addressed to Rebecca Neal, Clerk of Sub-Committee I, Committee Office, House of Lords, London, SW1A 0PW. Telephone 020 7219 8650; fax 020 7219 0277, email

You may follow the progress of the Inquiry from the Weekly Agenda of House of Lords Select Committees. This is free and may be ordered from Geoffrey Newsome, Committee Office, House of Lords, London SW1A 0PW, telephone 020 7219 6678. Alternatively consult the UK Parliament web site at


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