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Session 1997-98

1st Report  Report of the National Committee of Inquiry into Higher Education (The Dearing Report)

2nd Report  Meeting with the President of the Board of Trade

3rd Report  Clinical Academic Careers

4th Report  Meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister; Vehicle Emissions: Government Response (to 1st Report 1996-97)*[21]

5th Report  Digital Images as Evidence

6th Report   Meeting with Education Ministers

7th Report  Resistance to Antibiotics and other Antimicrobial Agents (see also 3rd Report 2000-01)

8th Report   Digital Images as Evidence: Government Response (to 5th Report 1997-98)

9th Report  Cannabis: the Scientific and Medical Evidence (see also 2nd Report 2000-01)

Session 1998-99

1st Report  Meeting with the Minister for Science

2nd Report  Cannabis: Government Response (to 9th Report 1997-98)

3rd Report  Management of Nuclear Waste (see also 1st Report 2001-02)

Session 1999-2000

1st Report  Non-Food Crops

2nd Report  Meeting with Health and Science Ministers

3rd Report  Science and Society (see also 1st Report 2000-01)

4th Report  Non-Food Crops: Government Response (to 1st Report 1999-2000)

5th Report  Air Travel and Health

6th Report  Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Session 2000-2001

1st Report  Science in Schools (follow up to Chapter 6 of 3rd Report 1999-2000 — see also 2nd Report 2001-02)

2nd Report  Therapeutic Uses of Cannabis (follow up to 9th Report 1997-98)

3rd Report  Resistance to Antibiotics (follow up to 7th Report 1997-98)

4th Report  Human Genetic Databases

Session 2001-02

1st Report  Managing Radioactive Waste: the Government's consultation (follow up to 3rd Report 1998-99)

2nd Report  Science in Schools: Government Responses (to 1st Report 2000-01)

3rd Report  What on Earth? The Threat to the Science Underpinning Conservation (follow up to 1st Report 1991-92)


* 21   Every major Report receives a written response from the Government. When this is not published by the Government (normally as a White Paper), the Committee publishes it as a further Report. Back

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