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Amendments to the Licensing Bill [HL]

Licensing Bill [HL]

[Supplementary to the Third Marshalled List]


After Clause 138



219A*Insert the following new Clause—
  "Disorderly conduct outside licensed premises
(1)  Where customers of licensed premises engage in disorderly conduct after they have left those premises, no person to whom subsection (2) applies shall be liable to any fine or other penalty arising from that conduct by those customers.
(2)  This subsection applies—
(a)  to any person who works at the premises in a capacity, whether paid or unpaid, which authorises him to prevent disorderly conduct on the premises;
(b)  in the case of licensed premises, to—
(i)  the holder of a premises license in respect of the premises, and
(ii)  the designated premises supervisor (if any) under such a license,
(c)  in the case of premises in respect of which a club premises certificate has effect, to any member or officer of the club who, at the time the conduct takes place, is present on the premises in a capacity which would enable him to prevent disorderly conduct occurring within the premises;
(d)  in the case of premises which may be used for a permitted temporary activity by virtue of Part 5, to the premises user in relation to the temporary event notice in question."

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