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Communications Bill

Communications Bill



      348        Variation of local licence following change of control

      349        Action following review under s. 348

Meaning of control

      350        Meaning of “control”

Chapter 6

Other provisions about television and radio services

Annual report on television and radio

      351        Annual factual and statistical report

Grants for access radio

      352        Grants to access radio providers

Supplemental provisions of Part 3

      353        Amendments of the 1990 and 1996 Acts

      354        Meaning of “available for reception by members of the public”

      355        Interpretation of Part 3

Part 4

Licensing of TV reception

      356        Licence required for use of TV receiver

      357        TV licences

      358        TV licence fees

      359        Powers to enforce TV licensing

      360        Interpretation of provisions about dealer notification

      361        Meanings of “television receiver” and “use”

Part 5

Competition in communications markets

Chapter 1

Functions of OFCOM under competition legislation

      362        Matters in relation to which OFCOM have competition functions

      363        OFCOM’s functions under Part 4 of the Enterprise Act 2002

      364        OFCOM’s functions under the Competition Act 1998

      365        Application of the Competition Act 1998 to news provision


Communications Bill



Chapter 2

Newspaper mergers


      366        Repeal of existing newspaper merger regime

      367        Repeal of exclusion for newspaper mergers from general merger controls

Adaptation for newspaper mergers of main merger regime

      368        Newspaper public interest considerations

      369        Adaptation of role of OFT in initial investigations and reports

      370        Additional investigation and report by OFCOM

Extension of special public interest regime

      371        Extension of special public interest regime for certain newspaper mergers

      372        Adaptation of role of OFT in special public interest regime

      373        Additional investigation and report by OFCOM: special public interest cases

New general functions in relation to newspaper mergers

      374        Public consultation in relation to newspaper mergers

      375        General information duties in relation to newspaper mergers

      376        Advice and information in relation to newspaper mergers

      377        General advisory functions of OFCOM in relation to newspaper mergers

      378        Other general functions of OFCOM in relation to newspaper mergers

      379        Monitoring role for OFT in relation to newspaper mergers

Supplemental provisions of Chapter 2

      380        Enforcement powers in relation to newspaper mergers

      381        Alterations to newspaper panel of Competition Commission

      382        Further provision in connection with newspaper mergers

Part 6

Miscellaneous and Supplemental

Annual report

      383        Annual report on the Secretary of State’s functions

Review of media ownership

      384        Review of media ownership

Guidelines as to penalties

      385        Penalties imposed by OFCOM


Communications Bill



Disclosure of information

      386        General restrictions on disclosure of information

Notifications etc. and electronic working

      387        Service of notifications and other documents

      388        Notifications and documents in electronic form

      389        Timing and location of things done electronically

Other miscellaneous provisions

      390        Purchase of Duchy of Lancaster land

      391        Repeal of certain provisions of the Telecommunications Act 1984


      392        Expenses

      393        Destination of licence fees and penalties

      394        Power of OFCOM to retain costs of carrying out spectrum functions

      395        Power of Secretary of State to make orders and regulations

      396        Regulations and orders made by OFCOM

      397        Criminal liability of company directors etc.

      398        General interpretation

      399        Minor and consequential amendments, transitionals and repeals

      400        Pre-consolidation amendments

      401        Transitional provision for anticipatory carrying out of functions

      402        Application of enactments to territorial sea and other waters

      403        Short title, commencement and extent

                  Schedule 1                                         Functions transferred to OFCOM

                  Schedule 2                                         Transfer schemes

                  Schedule 3                                         Amendments of Schedule 2 to the Telecommunications Act


                  Schedule 4                                         Compulsory purchase and entry for exploratory purposes

                  Schedule 5                                         Procedure for grants of recognised spectrum access

                  Schedule 6                                         Fixed penalties for wireless telegraphy offences

                  Schedule 7                                         Seizure and forfeiture of apparatus

                  Schedule 8                                         Decisions not subject to appeal

                  Schedule 9                                         Arrangements about carrying on of C4C’s activities

                  Schedule 10                                         Licensing the public teletext service

                  Part 1                    —                     Applications for and award of licence

                  Part 2                    —                     Conditions and enforcement of licence

                  Part 3                    —                     Interpretation of Schedule

                  Schedule 11                                         Approval, imposition and modification of networking


                  Schedule 12                                         Corresponding obligations of the BBC and Welsh Authority

                  Part 1                    —                     The BBC

                  Part 2                    —                     The Welsh Authority

                  Schedule 13                                         Financial penalties under the Broadcasting Acts

                  Part 1                    —                     Broadcasting Act 1990


Communications Bill



                  Part 2                    —                     Broadcasting Act 1996

                  Schedule 14                                         Media ownership rules

                  Part 1                    —                     Channel 3 services

                  Part 2                    —                     Radio multiplex services

                  Part 3                    —                     Local sound programme services

                  Part 4                    —                     Supplemental provisions of Schedule

                  Schedule 15                                         Amendments of Broadcasting Acts

                  Part 1                    —                     Amendments of the 1990 Act

                  Part 2                    —                     Amendments of the 1996 Act

                  Schedule 16                                         Further amendments in connection with newspaper mergers

                  Schedule 17                                         Minor and Consequential Amendments

                  Schedule 18                                         Transitional Provisions

                  Schedule 19                                         Repeals


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