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[Supplementary to the Second Marshalled List]


Clause 306



Page 270, line 5, leave out "the words from "except" onwards shall be omitted" and insert "for the words from "except" onwards there is substituted "and, in the case of a local licence, that an appropriate amount of local material is broadcast, of which an appropriate amount is locally made.""
Page 270, line 19, after "locality" insert "and to the broadcasting of local material, of which an appropriate amount is locally made"
Page 270, line 43, at end insert—
"(8)  In this section—
  "locally made", in relation to programmes included in a local sound broadcasting service, means made wholly or partly at premises in the area or locality for which that service is provided;
  "local material" means material (including news, information or entertainment but excluding advertising) which is of particular interest to—
(a)  persons living or working in the area or locality for which the service is provided;
(b)  persons living or working within a part of that area or locality; or
(c)  particular communities living or working within that area or locality;
  and references in this section to persons living or working in an area of locality include references to persons undergoing education or training in that area or locality.""

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